Affordable Vacation Homes- What Style Will You Choose?!

Exterior of a home in the mountains

Fall is almost here, and many are starting to plan vacations for skiing and other cold-weather activities. As you plan, it is easy to wonder if you could afford your own vacation property and what it would look like. At Centre Sky Architecture, we pride ourselves on designing vacation homes to match your budget. Vacations homes can be designed with materials to fit your wants, needs, and, most importantly, your wallet! Our design team works directly with clients to ensure they receive the best design for their next vacation home.

Vacation Home Styles

When it comes to a vacation home, the options are endless. Most people have specific ideas of how they want their vacation home to look. With their vision, we can create an elevated version for them to enjoy. Our team is well versed in all types of home designs, including mountain, sustainable, modern, and rustic properties.

Our team can design beautiful vacation homes to fit you and your family, from open floor plans to log cabins. Many love the idea of floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the views, while other like a more traditional approach. From balconies to hot tubs, we have a design for you! Our team specializes in sustainable mountain homes as well as smart homes to help make your everyday life easier.

If you have been thinking about building a vacation home, now is a great time to start the design process. Design processes take time, as you want the perfect design within your budget. Starting this Fall will help you have your vacation home in time for your next big family vacation. Let us help design the vacation property where you will enjoy countless memories with family and friends!

Centre Sky Architecture designs homes, second homes, mountain homes, and vacation properties. We are always conscious of the environment and love creating sustainable living properties.

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