GNL Stone Bath Tub – Construction Photos – Architect Whitefish Montana

Great Northern Lodge is our current project in Whitefish Montana. We have teamed up with High Country Builders to create this extremely unique and custom home. The picture above is of the master bath tub that was carved out of an extremely large stone. Sitting in this tub you can see the view out of the windows, and what better to feel integrated into the landscape then bathing in a stone!

The amount of stone used in and around this home is an aspect that really ties this home into the site. The entire exterior is stone masonry and interior stone is very abundant as well as wall finishes and fireplace masonry.

Below is the photo of how High Country Builders put this stone tub into place. It is safe to say the stone bathtub won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The last picture calls out the through pipes and their locations within this unique tub.

[CLICK HERE] to see the stone prior to carving out the tub within.


Architect Whitefish Montana _ Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard

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