Architectural Designs For Cold Weather Homes

Scenic Winter Drive in Montana A snowy mountain road curves through a portion of Glacier National Park

It is no surprise so many people desire to live near the mountains. Living in an area with mild summers and beautiful winters can have many benefits. Throughout the entire year, you can enjoy the outdoors. Winter brings skiing and snowboarding, while summers are perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities. Most people dream of owning a vacation or second home in the mountains. For many, this can be a reality.

Mountain homes are popular and do not have to be extremely expensive. The design process can cut down on the price of the build. Centre Sky Architecture is at the forefront of sustainable mountain architecture. We design mountain properties that work for you, all while keeping them within budget and with a green initiative.

Our team understands what is needed for a mountain home to thrive. Mountain conditions are harsh, and your home needs to be designed and built to withstand those conditions. We go above and beyond, from solar panels and generators to the materials used on the property, to ensure your mountain home is equipped to work for you when you need it the most.

Mountain home designs are our specialty, and by working with our clients, we can give them a beautiful home to enjoy for many years to come. Homes that endure harsh Winters require different designs as well as specific materials. These designs and materials make a mountain home withstand the changing seasons with ease. Starting your design process this Winter will allow you to begin your build sooner rather than later. Let us take you on a thrilling journey to your mountain property. We take your design ideas and amplify them, giving you a beautiful and sustainable mountain home that you and your family can continue to enjoy for generations.