De Wilderniss

De Wildernis (Afrikaans for “the Wilderness”) sits perched high upon Lot 172 in the Yellowstone Club, where you can sweep your eyes across its impressive vistas, over its expansive building envelope, and down its steep grade. Our approach to this project salutes each of those characteristics and nods to the lot’s bounty of natural assets. We capitalized on them by maximizing view corridors, permeating throughout the allotted boundaries, and by attentively stepping the home and out-buildings down the slope. Our client sought to treasure the special nature of this lot, so this homestead will preserve as much of the wild landscape and accompanying serenity by using several small footprints.

We drew from the aesthetic and function of old mining facilities and fire towers to create the facades which accommodate the site’s gradient. This structure will cling to the mountain while maintaining a dynamic sensitivity to the natural flow of water and soil. We will integrate many of the on-site native materials for the interior details, such as standing deadwood.

This project’s design focuses on a stately intermingling of stone and timber, while allowing for generous windows which invite light into the home and gazes out onto the landscape. An enclosed pedestrian bridge offers unity, comfort, and safety between the garage and the main house.

Being that this home nestles into the side of Andesite Mountain, it is long and narrow. This design allows guests to have their own separate space while under one roof. It’s layered layout offers unobstructed viewpoints of the golf course, the wilderness of Eglise Mountain, and the ski runs on Pioneer Mountain. An indoor/outdoor infinity pool adds refinement and luxury to this ‘rustic’ retreat.