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Great Northern Lodge

The Great Northern Lodge has been a dream of the clients for some time and once they purchased their legacy property near Whitefish, Montana they have been planning and formulating the possibilities since.

The future residence has been named after the railroad icon Great Northern Railway that pioneered the Northern Routes of Montana in the late 1800s, but in design the Great Northern Lodge has been inspired by the Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park and the site from which it will be placed. The Sperry Chalet influenced our design with its “Stone & Timber” composition and the heavy use of stone throughout. The stone will be laid up as a massive rugged random stone work, and soft structural arched openings to mimic the Italian stone masons that crafted the Sperry Chalet from 1913 til 1914. The Timbers accented the palette of the stone structure with further personality of texture, articulation and lightness, but these timbers do not overtake the structure and this will be translated into the Great Northern Lodge aesthetic “Stone & Timber” aesthetic.

This Regional National Parks Rustic Design will flow from the base materials of “Stone & Timber” and extend into landscaping, outdoor spaces, slate roofs, and bronze windows and doors.