HandleBar Ranch, Evergreen, Colorado

Handle Bar Ranch is a residential three structure project designed around existing structures and incorporating into the spacious, wooded landscape. The existing house and barn were removed and replaced with a new home and barn that open up to the large meadow and seasonal creek on site. The house has a more traditional “Montana Ranch” aesthetic both inside and out while the barn leans towards Mountain Contemporary with exposed steel. Handle Bar Ranch has a strong focus on energy efficiency. A geothermal system, solar panels, and energy efficient windows create environmentally friendly structures with renewable energy.

Large expanses of glass, simplistic exterior materials, and a mix of timber to steel beams and columns create a blend of traditional style with a mountain contemporary feel. Centre Sky Architecture partnered with Best Custom Homes for this unique project. Together with Best Custom Homes, we put together a great team of consultants, including Vintage Woods & Metals, who did  the majority of materials on this project, including interior and exterior siding, trusses and beams.

(photography by Eric Lucero)

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