Koselig Hus – Spanish Peaks

The term Koselig Hus (koosh-lee) derives from the Norwegian term for “comfortable” or “cozy”. Per a Norwegian blog, “this is used especially to describe the inviting atmosphere of a house during the winter. A ‘koselig’ home usually has a fire, plenty of candles, yummy smells, and good friends.”

This home is located on Spanish Peaks’ Wildridge with views to the north and west, from the Spanish Peaks, to Wilson, to Lone Mountain. Inspired by the American homestead era, when homes were often added upon as families grew, this home is a hybrid of the traditional stacked logs and more conventional timber elements.

A curved entry roof is a unique feature on the exterior, while still fitting within the Spanish Peaks context. Inside, a massive central fireplace ties together the major living spaces, and a wine room can be discovered after descending down a hidden stairway.

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