Myer’s Addition, Big Sky, Montana

Myer’s Addition in Big Sky is our current renovation in progress. This remodel is based around increasing common areas while maintaining cozy spaces within. The views on this lot are 180 degrees from Lone Peak to the Gallatin Range and looking over the Town Center. To maximize these views, we have introduced more glazing and higher head heights of windows to capture these views deeper into the spaces.

The aesthetic is formed around combining traditional gables and contemporary low sloping roofs. Allowing for this home to still blend in with the surrounding context while gaining a modern updated feeling. This contemporary aesthetic allows for simple forms and complexity in the details and structural expression as you can see in the exposed rafters, beam-work and column details. Other contemporary moves include a dramatically tall and slender window in the dining room will be able to be seen at the top of the new stair and bring light deep into the space. Introducing a large paneled steel siding is another element that helps to blend the rustic and modern aesthetic .

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