Ski & Golf Resort

Drawing on the work of past civilizations’ craftsmen designing for function and form, Centre Sky Architecture sees alternatives to standard resort architecture. We present a blending of historic and contemporary styles enhanced with modern amenities.

Not confined by the conventions of traditional architecture, we reach out to several ancient cultures to employ the secrets of their art in architecture for the design of the Ski & Golf Resort.

Historically, architecture evolved with cultural advances, and we look to do the same – inspired by the past, adapted to the present and integrated for use in the future.

This premise inspired us to combine the architectural styles of the historic Four Corners Area with the styles of those who set a very unique, dramatic standard for art in architecture- the Vikings, with their longboats and longhouses, mixed with mountain style architecture. With these combined styles as our inspiration, we can create a one-of-a-kind new style for the Ski & Golf Resort.

The main inspiration for our Ski & Golf Resort design was the framework and rib-like structure of the traditional Viking longships, and the aesthetic created by combining that with the anasazi architecture of massive stone walls, timber, and staggered volumes. While referencing these historic elements, the resulting Ski & Golf Resort design is far from traditional.