Soaring Eagle Lodge – Yellowstone Club

The Soaring Eagle Lodge is aptly named for it is located on a mountain top in the Yellowstone Club that provides stunning views of Pioneer Peak, Sphinx, Cedar Mountain and Lone Mountain.

Inspired by a National Park Lodge design, the home will be made of timber frame, weathered materials, and large amounts of stacked stone to give the house a rustic elegance. Timber, stone, copper, glass, and iron will be used throughout the structure.

The combination of family gathering spaces, view corridors, and solar orientation of the home provide our clients with those special spaces for their family to enjoy. The Country Kitchen, Gathering Room, and Dining area in along with the outdoor living areas will create the core of the common area for family interaction. Large lofty spaces will create a grand feel for the gathering space while other spaces will be made to feel more intimate.

This mountaintop homestead will be oriented on the site to maximize access to all views. It will be terraced to fit well with the site thus creating interesting outdoor living spaces. Solar orientation will be a main consideration for the structure so as to make the best use of natural light and solar heat gain.

Our clients’ unique style will make this design one-of-a-kind.