Southwest Montana Lodge

The essence of Southwest Montana Lodge is more than a path, a window or a wall. It is a scrapbook of natural experiences, images, and moments in time that guests will remember forever. From the anticipation of approaching this lone building and cabins to the dramatic arrival at the grand timber porte-cochere with an environmental sod roof, even the first moments will be memorable.

Inside, guests enter through heavy wooden doors into a tower foyer with the friendly front desk attendant. After dropping off the bags and checking in, they can meet their friends in the great room at the monumental stone fireplace. Heading to the dining room for an early dinner, they enjoy the open french doors and wander out onto the Madison patio to take in some fresh air and a glass of wine.

After the meal, they all head to the famous viewing tower to see if there are any wild animals in the landscape. At the top, the vista is striking. Buffalo gather on a nearby hill and elk run through trees in the distance. Noticing movement in the ravine, they head back to the main level and out to the Great Deck. The huge deck is a new experience but it is momentarily forgotten as they run to the edge, realizing that what they have seen in the tower is a bear in the trees below!

Moving back to the great room and talking with their friends, they hardly notice the onset of the Montana night’s cold as the striking stone fireplace is lit and the warm light plays off of the wooden roof trusses. The kids take their shoes off and play on the warm floor, not even realizing that an environmentally friendly in-floor geothermal system creates the heat. Exhausted from the fun day, the families say ‘goodnight’ and head to the guest bedrooms.

The kids head straight to bed, but the husband and wife talk a little more in the gathering room by the fire, planning tomorrow. In the room, they look out from their window over the picturesque landscape considering a hot bath against the cozy king bed. As the exciting day ends, the two towers glow, acting as beacons in the dark night to the surrounding moonlit landscape.