The Lift Houses at Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana

Centre Sky Architecture has a long standing relationship with Big Sky Ski Resort, which is located just up the mountain from our Big Sky office.  We have worked on several projects with the Resort over the years, as well as utilizing the amazing skiing the Resort offers.  Our team members certainly enjoy having this world class ski resort just down the street.

Our most recent project with the Resort was designing the new on-mountain lift houses for the two new ski lifts that will be in place for the 2016/2017 ski season. At over 9,800 and 9,600 feet at the top of each of these lifts the design of these houses had to take into account high winds, heavy snow loads, and below zero temperatures.  The simplistic Mountain Modern design we decided on is durable, easy to construct, but is also an elegantly timeless look.  The mono-slope roofs  mimic the slopes of the surrounding mountain peaks and the rustic wood siding blends with the rugged mountain environment.

Look for these houses the next time you are skiing around Big Sky Ski Resort!