The Views – Spanish Peaks

The Views project is based on the view corridor from this lot that opens to the Gallatin Range, the surrounding mountainscapes, the surrounding forest and the valleys beyond. Set atop of a low sloping hillside, the structure will be embedded into the hillside and rise out with several forms taking stage such as stone bases, shed dormers, gable dormers, cedar and metal roofs, and a fire tower that will be the focal point on all sides.

Many elements of the mining-style and homesteading-style in design arose from necessity. The rough-hewn beams, for instance, came about through the limited availability of labor and tools for finish work. The availability of large local trees combined with the need to resist the heavy snow loads that occur in the Rocky Mountain region resulted in large structural beams for roof and floors. The rustic detailing of this project adds an extra dimension through elements such as the rough stacked stone base, steel rods & connectors, and wood connections that add to the overall effect of “home”.

The main floor plan flows with public and private spaces radiating from the Gathering Space. The plan will incorporate three pods – Master, Great Room/Kitchen and Garage/Bunk – that will attach with knuckles.

The most important space for The Views is the Entry, subtle but modern. The modern theme is a softly curved roof that uses historic materials of rusted metal, large column timbers and smaller in scale roof timbers. When entering The Views, there is a direct view through the Gathering Space out to the Gallatin Range.

The interior layout is based on Gathering, Kitchen and Dining as one space. A Hearth Room is located at the end of the Kitchen for informal daily use. A Master Bedroom and Guest Master Bedroom will anchor each side of this home. An upper level will be composed of a Sitting/Viewing Tower and a Bunk Room. The lower level is dedicated to entertainment with Media, Game Area, and Bar. The volumes of space will slightly step downwards with the gentle slope of the site, integrating the layout with the natural contours that surround.

Aesthetic is traditional Montana – timbers, historic wood, stone and metal with the integration of “modern” style using a play of different shapes and the interesting use of metal and color.

Exterior decks will be prominent to views. They will add further detail to the exterior elevations that already have gorgeous views of the landscape. The angles found within the home maximize views of the landscape further adding to the connectivity with the site.