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Our Flagstaff home is currently under construction and coming along nicely in Flagstaff, Arizona.   Jamie, Centre Sky’s principal architect, just got back from a site visit and came back with some amazing photos of the building progress and intricate details of the house.

The intricate custom design details in the home came together with a strong collaboration with the home owner, Jason Scott, producer of the Jason Scott Collection.  This home features an amazing array of small details in which represents a life long journey, passion and craftsmanship of Jason. We are happy to have been apart of this process from the very beginning and are ecstatic at continued construction progress as this project becomes reality.

The joglow ceiling piece hand crafted by Indonesian craftsmen is a centerpiece in this custom home.  The term “Joglo” is often used to refer to the distinctive type of Javanese roof with rising central part of roof supported by four or more main wooden columns.  As seen below, this joglow is full of intricate detail and beautiful hand carved designs.

Stay tuned for continued progress and unique detail fabrications and thank you for your interest in our firm’s work.

Here are some images of the construction progress this May.

Below are some interior shots. Looking good!

Arizona Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture

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