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The digital model shots above are of our current project in Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana. We are in the schematic phase and developing the roof forms, and general exterior aesthetic from the floor plans that have developed. We are now studying the option of a tower to be incorporated to really get the ‘money shot’ of Beehive Basin that you can really only see up in the tower above the tree line.

This home is going to be a rustic aesthetic and have that Montana cabin feel for our clients get-away. It is a nice compact structure with two main gable roofs and a secondary gable roof going parallel over upper level bedrooms.The angled timber columns give this home a nice simple dynamic look that we are really liking.

Kelsey and Jamie are currently developing this tower further and going to get it as high as possible. Next steps are to get into exterior finish materials. We are thinking a simple vertical plank wood in the field and a secondary metal material for chimney stacks and wainscot around the home.

Another unique and low-maintenance feature of this home is looking into metal grating for decking, the holes and bars close enough so you can walk on it with bare feet and be comfortable. That way the deck never needs to be re-stained or shoveled.

Stay tuned for further tower studies!

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