Bajooga West Illustration – Architect Montana Big Sky

Bajooga West is our current project in Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana. We are at 100% Schematic and getting this project priced to enable us to move forward and continue on our route to the finished product that is illustrated above.

We have taken a simple structure and roof development to the next dramatic level for aesthetic purposes with a prow as the gable ends and angling the major columns outward. with double beams supporting the angled log columns. The major exterior materials are vertical wood siding and a rusted steel panel as an accent. We have stone on the fireplace stacks and as much glazing as we can to capture the surrounding nature, stream and beauty of Beehive Basin that tourists fly across the country to see!

The viewing tower is pointed directly back to Beehive Basin peaks such as Blaze and will be an extraordinary place to sit and read. It also adds complexity and interest to the roof lines and general step up in structure as the grade steps up, which is what we call ‘responding to the site’.


Centre Sky Architecture _ Architect Montana Big Sky _ Jamie Daugaard  

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