Beehive Basin Mountain Home

Located on Beehive Ridge this Mountain Modern home encapsulates views of the Spanish Peaks, Fan Mountain, & Lone Peak. Using a mix of wood, steel, and concrete the home tiers itself into the hillside and surrounding trees. Preservation of the existing trees was a key element that the architect and builder have worked closely on to achieve the design goals. A main theme of the home was to keep clean lines and bring the exterior to the interior of the home, accomplished by using large expanses of glass, and multiple exterior spaces. The roof lines cleanly slope to pick up views and tie back into the landscape.

The home uses a large amount of architectural exposed concrete to emphasize the modern design of the home, while bringing a new and clean design approach to Big Sky. Temporary stairs hold the place of future cantilevered stairs that will appear to be floating off the clean surface of the concrete wall.  The great room is separated by a large two sided fireplace to allow the enjoyment on both the interior and exterior of the home.  The theme of concrete carries into the master bath and shower as well. Where floating vanities will be suspended off the concrete wall that will double as the back side of the walk in the master shower.

Lone Pine Builders, the general contractor, has done a great job of bringing our design and the clients wishes together in this complicated, but beautiful mountain home.


Jamie Daugaard _ Beehive Basin Mountain Home _ Centre Sky Architecture

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