Big 5 Ranch | Construction Update

Big 5 Ranch

Big 5 Ranch, a family ranch located in Livingston, Montana, is under construction! During the construction phase, Centre Sky Architecture makes regular site visits to monitor the progression and schedule. This allows both us and the builder to be proactive in keeping the project on schedule, following the final architectural plan seamlessly. We do our best to create a Construction Document set of plans that is as comprehensive as possible, however questions always rise during construction. Centre Sky is ready to help both owner and builder when these questions arise!

Site Visits

Site visits are a great way for Centre Sky Architecture to verify that construction is following specifications that we drew. Our complete set of drawings were approved by ownership for their desired project and budgeting is based off them. Any modifications from the plans might have a large effect on the style and functionality of the home. During our site visits we document, via photos and videos, the building progression. This is a great way for us to document the project for future referral. We also love to share the images with ownership to get them pumped about their project! We are excited to share images of Big 5 Ranch as framing for the home progresses.