Big EZ Lot 44 Rendering – Big Sky Montana Architect

It is the time in design and time of year that renderings start to give our clients the vision of their homes that are about to go into construction. We are finishing up design and refining any details and the rendering below helps to show exactly what is in our minds and portray it to the client.



This project is called ’44’ , being located on lot 44 in the Big EZ, a Big Sky Montana development. This home is designed and influenced on the amazing views. The entry and great room are centered on the Gallatin Range, west wing with tower and kitchen are on Wilson Peak while the bedrooms and study are staring straight at Levinsky Ridge and a glimpse into Yellowstone National Park.

Teton Heritage Builders are helping to make this home a reality to our client and to our vision. They are a great company to work with and are only expecting a great outcome for this project in the end.

We will be producing an entry side rendering where we can see the natural courtyard space these angles create on the south side to which is how one will approach this home. So stay tuned!

[CLICK HERE] to see previous 3D digital model shots on how this home progressed and the vision emphasized with the rendering above.


Big Sky Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture




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