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Our completed project called ‘Bear Basin Ranch’ was recently featured in the March 2013 Log Cabin Homes Magazine titled ‘Big Sky Beauty’. We are always happy about this exposure and appreciation of our work!

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A little about Bear Basin Ranch:

This traditional mountain home sets itself apart with its meticulous attention to detail. From the “parkitecture” style log columns, a callback to the architecture of Yellowstone National Park, to the smallest interior detail, Bear Basin Ranch is the definition of luxury in a rural setting.

The creation of interesting, usable spaces was an integral part of this project. A small upper level acts as a secondary getaway space, and the clerestory windows allow light to penetrate the center of the home. The heavy log and timber structure was celebrated throughout the home, repeating and creating a rhythm through the spaces, from exterior to interior.

Thick, horizontal wood planks with heavy sand chinking add to the rustic feel, and compliment the oversized timbers. Cedar shake roofing with copper slip edges helps the home to not only blend with the natural spaces and views that surround it; but to become a part of the picturesque setting, as if it had been there all along.


Big Sky Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture




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