Big Sky Custom Residence | New Design

Centre Sky Architecture’s newest custom residential design is located high up in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of over 8,100 feet. The views from the site are incredible, with Lone Mountain, the Spanish Peaks, and the Gallatin Range all view-able from the lot. This made for unique design options to incorporate the beautiful scenery into the views from the house. Creating a connection to the surroundings is a major element of the home.  With large expanses of glazing and a Great Room that opens itself up to the outdoor entertaining space the beauty of the outdoors is brought inside within the comfort of the home.

The bubble diagram sketch is an example of how we begin our design process for a project. In this sketch Jamie Daugaard, principal architect, is taking into account view corridors, adjacent structures, cardinal directions, and topography to get an appropriate layout for that specific lot. From this bubble diagram we progress into floor plans, a 3-D model, and then eventually these color renderings shown below. These steps are a part of our Schematic Design phase, which is still the beginning process of developing a design and helps show our clients a visual representation of their project.

Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Custom Residence | New Design _ Centre Sky Architecture





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