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We are very greatful to have such great clients and great success in previous projects. We have gotten some really nice reviews on our profile and we thought we would share them with you.

” My wife and I hired Centre Sky Architecture to design our dream home in Whitefish, Montana. Jamie and Ben worked on our project. Our home is still under construction as of this writing, but our experience to date with Jamie and Ben has been excellent. Descriptive words that come to mind are creativity, good listeners, organized, and always accessible. In addition to an interesting layout that fit our mountain top homesite like a hand in a glove, Jamie and Ben were resourveful in identifying unique materials and subcontractors to make our home extra special. For example, on a hiking trip in Glacier National Park my wife and I came across an old park chalet that had a beautiful stone foundation. We mentioned this to Jamie and he found a vein of similarly colored stone on private property about 100 miles from our homesite. We subsequently opened a quarry there to procure stone for our home. Similar stories could be told for the Vermont slate roof (with oversized shingles) we are using and the Bronze windows we are having made in Italy. A unique design with unique materials, assembled by skilled craftsmen. Most of the special attricutes of our home can be traced back to Jamie and Ben.

The project this review is referring to is The Great Northern Lodge in Whitefish, Montana. It will be a great addition to Whitefish Architecture and may even be a new icon for the area. Renderings of this project are below. Construction is still underway, we are extremely excited for this extremely unique home to be complete!

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