Colorado Custom Home – Halker Homestead

Halker Homestead






Halker Homestead is making great progress down in Parker, Colorado. The exterior finishes are close to completion with stucco being the last application soon to be seen. The interior is taking shape and almost to the point of beginning to finish out. Kelsey the project manager (pictured above) holds a special place for this project being her first start to finish new residential construction as a solo project manager, the images above and below were her first time walking through it making it down to Denver and was overjoyed with the experience and outcome. Great job Kelsey!

The Tuscan and Mountain aesthetics blend seamlessly in this project to create a rustic, warm, cozy and textured feel. The geometric forms of the home lend itself to a Tuscan roots as well as the brick in stone details. The Mountain aesthetic is given with large heavy timbers all throughout the interior and exterior elements including the bridge, decking and glazing trim. Interiors are in the works and will be incorporating these two flavors in tile and built-in designs.

This home has been a joy to be apart of from the very beginning. Great collaboration and problem solving across the board from structural to builders. Come back and check for updates on this wonderful project!

Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Montana Architect _ Centre Sky Architecture