Colorado Custom Tuscan Residence | Halker Homestead | Centre Sky Architecture

Halker Homestead is our current Colorado custom Tuscan residence wrapping up interior finishes this spring in Parker Colorado. We have teamed up with Kim Layne Interiors on this project and they are coming right along. The built-ins give these spaces functionality for an active and large young family with lots of storage throughout  Mud Rooms  and central study lounges and play areas for the kids.

Natural lighting plays a huge role within this home bouncing throughout timber elements as well as highlighting the interior stone and brick textures that continue to create that cozy feeling we love most about this Rustic custom Tuscan design.

Brick accents within the stone come from authentic Italian construction methods where ‘the mason would just put up whatever he grabbed’ and a patchwork of stone and brick of all different sorts would fill in for maintenance or renovations, telling a story of the life of the structure.

CLICK HERE to see the architect, Jamie Daugaard, do a walk through of the home.

CLICK HERE to see more of Kim Layne’s awesome work.

CLICK HERE to see more construction shots of Halker Homestead and to read what the client has to say about the process working with Centre Sky on this Colorado Custom Tuscan Residence.

CLICK HERE to see final illustrations of Halker Homestead and other upcoming projects.


Jamie Daugaard _ Colorado Custom Tuscan Residence | Halker Homestead  _ Centre Sky Architecture

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