Eco Lodge 1 – Big Sky , Montana Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Eco Lodge 1 is a current project in the works to create the Montana version of an ‘earthship’. Big Sky , Montana Architect Jamie Daugaard had some good ideas on how to create a more desireable earthship.

What is an earthship?

  • Homes that are designed to be entirely self-sufficient.
  • A type of passive solar house made of natural and recycled materials.
  • They are generally made of tires, filled with earth to use the thermal mass to naturally regulate indoor temperature.
  • Generally earthships are means to be able to create their own utilities while using readily available sustainable materials.

This is a great idea for the future of sustainable architecture but the majority of these ‘earthships’ out there look very much like space ships or too off the grid to think of as beautiful and to want to have one for yourself. It is our goal to make this type of sustainable structure but have more of the Montana mountain rustic aesthetic and become more desireable to the public.

Here are some of the renderings below of where we are at with this project.

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