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Elk Ridge Lodge is  one of our most popular projects. The images below show our design process from two versions of color renderings, to the physical model and lastly the completed project for comparison and final results.

1. Color Rendering: Renderings help clients to really picture what their home is going to look like. It is a great keepsake and of course a marketing tool for us. In the renderings below, you can see how different the home looks with slight architectural differences, but the perspective and surroundings really can make a home look different. It is key to nail the rendering, Ken Harvey always does a great job for us!




2. Physical Model 

3D physical models are used to present to Review Boards or done for clients upon request. They are 3D digitally printed with our 3D printing machine. It is a white powder that you can compare to baking soda or flour that sticks to an adhesive gel that prints out in layers. It builds up from bottom up in the layers and as the gel and flour combine, they harden.

The only downside to these are how fragile they are and how heavy they are!

You can really see when these are printed out how well the home will fit within the site which is one very important design aspect we stress to achieve.


3. Completed Photos  

[CLICK HERE] to read more about Elk Ridge Lodge and see more completed photos.

[CLICK HERE] to see the digital model and process images compared to final results.

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