Fishing Cabin Sketch – Big Sky Architect , Jamie Daugaard

This color sketch done by Big Sky Architect Jamie Daugaard was a study of a quaint ranch level structure clad in reclaimed woods, on site stone, and light accents of timber and log.

The purpose of these sketches is to study the elevations in color and with materiality and detail, to see how they all work together, compliment eachother. So none of the features are competing and that there is a sense of heirarchy to the composition.

One detail in this sketch study is of what we call a ‘dragon’s tooth’ parapet treatment to the stone chimneys and flat roof area. This gives the home a rustic look, as if it was crumbled down and worn over age. When the top edge of a structure is organic versus geometric, it helps to blend the strucutre within it’s surroundings. To become part of the site and accentuate the main gable as the focal point.

[CLICK HERE] to see more of Jamie’s sketches.


Big Sky Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architect


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