Flagstaff House Detail Sketchets – Flagstaff Arizona Architect

The sketches above done by Jamie show the studies and conceptual solutions of marrying Indonesian historic wood called teak and historic steel.

The steel will be from scrap yards in Indonesia or America that will have been painted, marred, blistered and has an overall personality.  Once the steel has been certified we will design the steel connection with the historic teak column.  The wood will be deep in color of browns and tans and may have paint from past use still on the columns.

The goal is to have slender wood columns that are consistent that gives the spaces partial definition of space and creates the dramatic connection of the historic steel beams supporting the roof.

[CLICK HERE] to read more about this project and to see a final illustration of this project.


Flagstaff Arizona Architect _ Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard




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