Flagstaff House – Flagstaff Arizona Architects

The photo above is of recycled Ulin wood, from Indonesia. This material will be incorporated as the exterior siding for Flagstaff House, our current project in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our client, Jason Scoot is a designer himself and has helped shape the design of this project through his connection to Indonesia and Asian influence. Jamie and Ben have been working with Jason on integrating all of his one-of-a-kind Indonesian aspects that he has been collecting throughout his career.

Jason is supplying most off the of the interior and exterior materials. You can see his design work at http://www.jasonscottcollection.com/furniture.html. This home is designed down to every detail, creating a very rich and unique design. As seen on his website, Jason has a unique style that is reflected onto this residence, creating an architecture that is a piece of art itself.


CLICK HERE to read about this project and to see what it will look like when finished!

CLICK HERE to see more indonesian features that are to be in the home.



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