Fretz Homestead Physical Model – Big Sky Montana Architect – Jamie Daugaard

The images below compare the phsyical model to the most up to date construction photos we have. The form of this project was based off of direct views to Wilson Peak and Lone Peak. The great room as you walk in is centered on Wilson Peak, as you are walking towards the great room, you can look to your left through the center of the dining room and you are then centered on Lone Peak to your left while still being centered on Wilson to straight ahead. You also get this effect as you enter the great room with the glazing to straight ahead and to your left, to your right is a cozy stone fireplace.

The physical model below shows how the wings are directed on these views and how the garage mirrors the Lone Peak view axis, creating the shape of a ‘Y’.

This project should be fully complete here soon and we cannot wait to get completed photos up here to continue to show you and involve you in our design process of our current projects.

It is pretty awesome to see this project come to life! Spanish Peaks development is a fantastic area for great views and wonderful ski homes.

[CLICK HERE] to see more construction photos of this project.





Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Montana Architect

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