Great Northern Lodge Torchieres – Architect Whitefish Montana

The images pictured above and below are of the exterior light fixtures for Great Northern Lodge, our project in Whitefish, Montana currently under construction. These exterior lights are called torchieres.

These fixtures simply help to set the mood of this castle like structure and pure masonry project on the mountain top in Whitefish Montana. Everything in this project is custom made and gives one the sense of walking around and having appreciation for everything that is in site from door hardware to wall engravings, windows and exterior lighting as you can see.

This project is really taking shape and adding all of these details continue to increase excitement for the finish line. If you want to see illustrations of this project when it is finished and what the client has to say about the process of working with us [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION].

Stay tuned for continued progress on this project and others as we design and they are constructed. To get quick updates ‘follow’ and ‘like’ our Facebook page listed below.

Architect Whitefish Montana _ Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard

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