Halker Homestead – Colorado Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Halker Homestead is our current project in Parker, Colorado. This home will be the main residence for a family that desires a warm comfortable home. The aesthetic is a mixture of Mountain Rustic and Tuscan/Mediterranean, one of our favorite blends!

We just finished with the 100% Design Development and are going to continue to refine and develop the details that will complete and make this home something very special to live in every day!

Below is a sneak peak of the exterior elevations and site plan. The elevations will give you an idea of the aesthetic and forms of the home. The details of brick banning and window trim are something we pulled from classic Tuscan architecture where, they used what they had, and when needing to repaire or remodel, would fill in holes with brick within stone or the other way around. Brich arches and warm reclaimed wood are going to be elements throughout.

The site plan gives you an idea of how this home really fits into the site stepping up with grade and tucking into the ravine that exists. The main view is towards the city lights of ‘LoDo’ Lower Denver and of the marvelous mountains that surround.

Stay tuned for more images and updates of this project! This will be a beautiful home!


Colorado Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture 





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