HandleBar Ranch | Colorado Sustainable Home

HandleBar Ranch, located in Evergreen, CO, is one of our most recent sustainable custom home projects. There is a strong focus on an energy efficient design along with implementing renewable energy systems into the house. A geothermal system, solar panels, and energy efficient windows create an environmentally friendly structure that helps mitigate the amount of energy it will use and lessen the impact of new construction. These modern elements are tied together with the rustic exterior materials of vertical gray barn wood, stone, heavy timber columns, and steel beams.

Best Custom Homes, general contractor, is nearing the completion of this home. They are wrapping up interior trim and moving on to installing appliances and other fine details. We are very excited to see the result of all the hard work that has gone into this home. A big thank you to our Centre Sky Architecture team, Best Custom Homes, and all the subs that were involved in this project.

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