HS Remodel Construction Progress – Big Sky, MT

‘HS’ is our current remodel in the Yellowstone Club under construction. We have teamed up with Lohss Construction with this project and are very pleased with the teamwork and attention to detail we have put towards this somewhat structurally complicated remodel.

We have expanded the dining room to be twice the size and will expand through the former covered patio, as you can see the tear down beginning under that covered area. Concrete is on its way to completing the foundation work.

We have also expanded a built in nook area 6ft out adjacent to the dining room expansion. In this nook addition we have added a pizza oven and stack that will be angled at a 45 degree to the rest of the nook in the corner of the expansion. This angle is only evident on the interior and is not on the exterior stack to mesh well with the existing aesthetic and chimney stacks that exist.

Stay tuned for more progress photos!


Centre Sky Architecture _ Big Sky Montana Architects _ Jamie Daugaard





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