Log Cabin Entry Sketch – Big Sky Architect – Jamie Daugaard


This log cabin entry study by Big Sky Architect Jamie Daugaard is a typical sketch study of how he starts to study certain elements and aesthetic of elevations with color to see how everything is working together and within the site.

A Peasants Entry with material study of a wood door with small seeded glass window and integrating with stone and log wall.  The smaller size of the Peasants Entry was important to study the size and the transition into a larger sized space of the Great Room beyond.

Covered deck and a low slope dormer gable are studied on roof transitions from Entry to main Great Room Roof.  The use of rusted metal profiles of corrugated and standing seam break up the larger plane of the Great Room Roof.

[CLICK HERE] to see more of Jamie’s sketches.


Big Sky Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture




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