Mitchell Homestead 3D Digital Model – Big Sky Montana Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Mitchell Homestead is a project that is read to be built up in the Spanish Peaks Club development in Big Sky, Montana. Below is a rendering done by Ken Harvey that represents how this project will look when finished.

About Mitchell Homestead:

A classic mountain homestead based on traditional homestead era architectural concepts, where three prominent structures are linked together by a common sod roofed element. The three ‘pods’, are given the character of different additions over time, telling a story of how the homestead would have grown, with additions linking one space to another.

The overall structure, set upon a blocky, time standing stone base foundation, is strategically placed such that its relationship to the hillside forms a sense of belonging, with focal elements rising up from the pine forest surround.

Each element is given a significant treatment with materials enhancing the concept of modification over time. The master core and second garage bay are clad with a historic granary siding where the vertical studs are exposed to the exterior of the wall, creating dynamic effects of light and shadow. The central or ‘common area’ is clad with a fine balance of stone masonry and horizontal timber siding with sand chink joints. The utilitarian and guest cores are clad in a combination of stone elements extending all the way up to the roof lines and historic wood vertical siding, rich in browns and tans. The connecting elements are clad solely in stone, giving a sense of strength to the support of the heavier sod roof elements.

The roof elements, clad in cedar shakes with rusted metal accents and divided in three distinct masses, separated by the lower sod elements, are expressive with their deep overhangs and exposed structural timber elements throughout the interior and exterior.

The interiors will have a unique signature of traditional timber framed elements mixed with a combination of repeating truss elements with accented arched beams and exposed metal connectors. The textures of the interior spaces are enhanced with a variety of exterior materials brought to the interior to enhance the authenticity of historic construction methods, as well as a variety of plastered elements broken up by stone focal elements, granites, calcite, and wood planking. Nooks and crannies are placed throughout offering areas for highlighted art pieces and storage. Cozy ‘getaway’ spaces, encased in wood timbers, low lying wood plank ceilings and plasters, are strategically located throughout the homestead to contrast with the larger more open common areas, offering a fine balance between entertaining and dwelling.


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