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Madison’s View is our current new residential Montana custom home design in the Big Sky Resort, ski-in and ski-out at the Moonlight side of Big Sky Resort. The final schematic renderings are from down-slope above and the other perspectives are below. The aesthetic of this home was driven by the new movement in mountain homes bringing in a contemporary flare. Simple 3-D forms and low sloping roofs allowed us to achieve simple lines and yet keep the rustic flare with textures of material in wood siding and stone. Accents of steel in structure, siding, roofing and window header accents help to integrate these two concepts.

FINAL - View1-Logo

FINAL - View2-Logo


Site design and integration was key in the early schematics of this home we have gone through multiple options centered around the vehicular approach to the home and garage, with their relationship and impacts on the main residence as you can see below. Kelsey, Bucko and Jamie came up with three site design options to present from the many studies and variations as you can see and are described below:


Option A brings the garage up one story, reducing the site work and length of a driveway down to the main level. This option was one to work with the steep site instead of try and travel and manipulate it to get down to a main level drive.

Option B flips the garage doors and driveway of option A so a formal bridge effect could take effect for a dramatic entry. Allowing us to tuck in and hide the garage from the street view.

Option C is the typical garage and main entry on the same level and winding down the driveway.


Below is the owner’s response to our site access investigation with their Montana custom home design:

“My head is still spinning with the exciting options you presented to Jimmy and me this evening!  Just when I thought that we had thought of every option, you managed to pull a proverbial, and magnificent “rabbit out of the hat!”  Your incredible talents are very much appreciated and we are debating your beautiful proposals right now.  Thank you for all of your creative options, you have managed to “take it to the next level!” – Owner 

The chosen and continued development has brought us to the final design illustrated above. This option is now being progressed into construction documents by Bucko and Kelsey and the design team to meet the goal of breaking ground this spring.


Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Montana Architect_Custom Home Design _ Centre Sky Architecture 

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