Montana Custom Home- Peers Homestead

Peers Homestead is our current project that is currently in the design development stage. Olexa is the project manager for this project. Located in Spanish Peaks, this residence is defined by expansive views and abundant natural lighting.

Natural stone, rustic timbers and steel panels characterize the style of this mountain modern aesthetic is starting to pop-up all around the Big Sky area. Low sloping roofs mixed in with traditional gables give the contemporary and mountain materials a form that is also a hybrid of the modern and mountain aesthetic.

The renderings below shows how we use renderings as a design tool, allowing us to visually see the finished products and make decisions on material, glazing, wood tones, colors and textures. Renderings also is a great communication tool between the client and the designer. The clients is able to visualize the design and inform us what they like and don’t like. The renderings below are a material study that allowed the client and us to see different material possibilities. PH-Residence-4-stone base-dv1 PH-Residence-4-stone base-dv2 Rust-PH-Residence-4-stone base-dv1 Rust-PH-Residence-4-stone base-dv2


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