Montana Custom Residential Design – Great Northern Lodge

Great Northern Lodge is our current project in Whitefish, Montana under construction and making great progress thanks to High Country Builders. Exterior stone work is progressing nicely and the flavor of this project is really starting to shine through. Sitting on a mountain top, this home has breath taking views all around and works with the peak and ridge top integrating with site features, which has shaped the wrap around interior courtyard layout, focusing on views out and a major grand sense of arrival. It is projects like this one that really make it enjoyable to be a Montana Architect and design within these beautiful settings.

This home is fully finished with stone on the exterior and slate on the roof. People often refer to it as a castle and it most likely will last as long as one. Each slate roof tile is 2ft by 3ft and weights 200 pounds, you can only imagine the beefy structure holding that up!

The secrete passage way that you enter through a bookshelf is cut into a huge onsite stone and infilled with stone to really get that cave feel, as you walk through this passage way you make your way up to a secret turret lookout, just one of the many design elements that will make this home a great experience and unlike any other.

We are truly thankful for the talented craftsmen, designers, builders and artists who were able to be apart of the team for this project and we cannot wait until it is complete! Stay tuned and enjoy the construction photos below.

Whitefish Montana Architect _ Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard 

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