Montana Mountain Home | Madison’s View

Breaking ground in Moonlight Basin of Big Sky, MT!  Madison’s View is our current residential Montana custom home design in the Big Sky Resort, ski-in and ski-out at the Moonlight side of Big Sky Resort.  Blue Ribbon Builders is our general contractor and they recently finished excavating the site and are prepping for the concrete to be poured.  It has been a pleasure working with them as our team members on this project.

Site design and integration was key in the early schematics of this home. We went through multiple options centered around the vehicular approach to the home and garage, considering their relationship and impacts on the main residence.  A large part of the design process was dedicated to integrating the home into the site’s steep sloping landscape. The result was the home being built into the hillside and having it slightly cascade downward exposing it to expansive views, as you can see in the photos below.

Below is the owner’s response to our site access investigation with their Montana custom home design:

“My head is still spinning with the exciting options you presented to Jimmy and me this evening!  Just when I thought that we had thought of every option, you managed to pull a proverbial, and magnificent “rabbit out of the hat!”  Your incredible talents are very much appreciated and we are debating your beautiful proposals right now.  Thank you for all of your creative options, you have managed to “take it to the next level!” – Owner 

Center Sky’s Kelsey Ward, the project manager, is continuing to meet with the clients to define the interior finishes and details.  CLICK HERE to see the renderings for Madison’s View that were produced by United Renderworks.

Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Montana Architect_Custom Home Design _ Centre Sky Architecture