Mountain Architecture – Traditional and Modern Design

Gorgeous Sunset View from Living Room in New Mountain Home

Creating stunning mountain architecture that also functions and works for our clients are at the top of our list. Centre Sky Architecture takes pride in designing sustainable mountain architecture that fits our client’s wants and needs. Traditional log cabin designs are no longer the go-to for mountain living. People want their home or vacation property to evolve from the traditional log cabin feel. Rustic design is still possible and can be taken a step further with open home designs that allow for the beautiful mountain views while adding stone and timber to give it that rural feel.

The main reason people enjoy mountain architecture is for glorious views. People want to experience nature and with our open designs and builds they receive that and so much more. We ensure our design looks like it is meant to be part of the landscape. We then add open views to encompass the beauty of the mountains while tailoring it to the client’s design needs. Some want a more rustic look, while others prefer a streamlined contemporary design. Anything is possible when it comes to mountain architecture.

The best part of our designs is sustainability. Mountain weather can be harsh, so we ensure our designs are completed with virtually maintenance-free materials. Materials that can withstand the harsh conditions are also used to ensure certain areas remain shaded or protected from rain, while others are built to withstand the winds that the mountains provide. We are also proud to offer off-grid designs for clients. We can create self-supporting mountain homes with smart technology. With the advances in technology, anything is possible, and Centre Sky Architecture enjoys pushing the envelope on sustainable mountain architecture. We create designs that will last generations and connect families for a lifetime.

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