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Mountain Peek is a custom residential project of Centre Sky’s located in the Yellowstone Club of Big Sky, MT.  Yellowstone Club is a private ski and golf residential community set amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains.  The site for Mountain Peek is absolutely captivating.  Lone Mountain looms in the background along with views of Cedar and Pioneer Mountains.

This Mountain Modern residence incorporates large glazing to allow for the beautiful views, and mono-slope roofs that extend out from this glazing.  The structure conforms to the topography of the site by stepping up or down in certain places making the house fit into the landscape attractively.

Today we had an on-site meeting with the clients, the general contractor, and the interior designers.  Big Sky Build, the general contractor, and Clean Line Consulting, the interior designers have been fantastic team members and we are very excited with how this project is developing.  You can see the enthusiasm in the team members for this projects in the photos below.

To view the renderings for this project CLICK HERE.

General Contractor giving a very enthusiastic speach

General Contractor giving a very enthusiastic speach

Interior Designer with Builder

Interior Designers with Big Sky Build team members

Materials selected for project

Materials selected for project

The steel structural pieces were recently set and the rough framing is going up, as seen in the photos below.

Jamie Daugaard _ Mountain Peek | Custom Residential Mountain Home _ Centre Sky Architecture

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