Muggins 5 – Breckenridge, CO


Muggins 5 is our latest project in Breckenridge, Colorado. This project will have a Mountain Contemporary aesthetic and prominent materials are water, glass, steel, and wood. Muggins 5 is a study of different roof forms and developing these forms into an exciting collaboration. The roof forms being studied are the contemporary monoslope in combination with the more prevalent gable roof form. As we studied these forms, the gable roof forms became more frequent but we found the lower slope allows gables to meld with the low profile monoslopes. Through material studies, we found a more rustic material dampens the contemporary expression of a monoslope roof.

In addition to the roof forms studies, we went through numerous iterations of building volumes and how to create links to spaces. We are excited to seen progress is our gallery bridge. This space will be the link that connects the garage to the habitable spaces of this residence. The bridge also enhances the enclosed space for the exterior courtyard, drawing the eye through out the space and the plentiful water that surrounds.



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