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New Materials in Our Park City Office!

After weeks of working in a generic looking office, we so excited to have Centre Sky’s personal flair in our Park City office! We teamed up with some of our favorite consultants to spice up our office with architectural expression in materials we love. Looking for inspiration on materials and finishes for your project, stop by our office to see some great options!

Vintage Wood (based in Colorado) provided the wood detailing seen on the accent walls and individual desks. We used 2×10 white fir boards for the individual desks, that was applied with a reveal between the boards, giving it a rustic aesthetic. This style has been increasingly popular recently, allowing clients to have a rustic style while maintaining clean lines. We are also seeing this style applied exterior with a dark finish material behind it, called a rain screen application. The dark material gives the wall a uniform look through the slots, and protects the materials underneath. This sustainable application elongates the lifespan of the materials in harsh conditions, as the wood is able to dry quicker when it rains or snows. We were excited to bring this application as a focal point for the office.

When you walk into Centre Sky Architecture’s office you are greeted with the receptionist’s desk wrapped in custom cut hot rolled, raw steel. The modern material contrasts with the warmth of the wood to give our office a blend of modern and rustic. Steel is a great way to add accents to your home to make it unique. We have enjoyed using exposed steel beams, as well as wrapping aspects of homes in steel, to add unique touches while maintaining the warmth of the home.


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