Elk Ridge Ranch, Spanish Peaks, Big Sky, Montana

Land and sky leave an impression. First impression of Elk Ridge Ranch’s old growth pine forests, aspen groves, grasslands, streams and open sky contributed to the design of this ranch homestead.

Elk Ridge Ranch is a traditional ranch-style design, a one story, low-profile structure with split levels. The design has the feel of “Old West” and views of the town of McAllister, Montana and Ennis Lake contribute to that feel.

Several sections of the ranch will be parallel to grades. Other spaces will cascade in a terracing effect with the grades. The layout of the home evolved into a “U” shape in plan creating many intimate exterior spaces and interior view corridors.

The main level consists of a Master Suite with its own terrace featuring a cozy fireplace, a spacious Kitchen with views of Lone Peak, and access to the Dining and Great Room spaces. A vaulted ceiling using large wood timbers, wood floors and a monumental stone fireplace are elements of the Great Room. Intimate terraces will be attached to many of the programmed spaces.

Stone, rusted metal, and timbers are the materials that will clad the structures. Chimney stacks are to be made of stone. Roof lines are simple with open-ended gables at 8:12 pitch. Deep overhangs, covered terraces, and shed dormers will make up the roof forms.

The Ranch will also have stable infrastructure placed such as power and septic systems and a winding double-track drive.

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