Ranch Manager Residence – Gateway Resort, Gateway, Colorado

The Ranch Manager’s residence was designed to retain rusticity in an area that is rich in farming, ranching and mining. The dwelling is tucked into the existing grove of 100-year-old Cottonwood trees and in close proximity to the creek that meanders through the ranch. All existing Cottonwoods remained and created a canopy of shelter for the architecture. The dwelling is anchored to the site with pumice-crete walls that rise 14′ to 18′, stucco colors that blend with the typical soil color in the area, deeply recessed windows, heavily articulated beam work, corbels, canales and massive log vigas that punch through the walls that ornament the simple structure. A geometric square in plan was determined for the courtyard wall, however as it rose the wall began to decompose and create irregular lineage at the top of the wall.

The character of the interior is of a rustic nature with mottled plasterwork, exposed hand hewn viga logs, heavy stone work for the flooring and unobtrusive surround lighting. The kitchen and great room spaces are conjoined as one large area with high ceilings, and the more private areas separated from these public spaces by the entry and a narrow hall with low ceilings that connects to the two bedrooms.

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