Spanish Peaks 123, Spanish Peaks Mountain Club, Big Sky, Montana

Spanish Peaks 123 is a stunning architectural masterpiece that takes full advantage of its site, view corridor to Lone Mountain, and southern exposure. The design focuses on parallel peaks as its main architectural feature, creating protected outdoor spaces, optimizing light distribution, and emphasizing the breathtaking view. The home incorporates simplistic shapes, extensive use of glass, rustic log columns, and exposed trusses to achieve a modern yet natural aesthetic.

The exterior of the home showcases clean lines and simplistic shapes, with two parallel peaks as the main focal point. The use of a mono slope roof covering much of the home adds a contemporary touch while directing attention towards the majestic Lone Peak Mountain. The formal entry is predominantly glass, creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces and inviting natural light to flood the home.

Upon entering the home, the interior architectural design unfolds to showcase a unique interplay between the roof structure and rustic log columns. As one moves further into the home, the underside of the roof gradually disappears, revealing two large, artistic, and structural log columns. These columns not only add a touch of natural elegance but also define the common space under the parallel peaks.

The common space, located beneath the parallel peaks, encompasses the kitchen, living room, and dining room, all designed in an open-concept layout with a vaulted ceiling. The vaulted ceiling features exposed repeating trusses with steel detailing, becoming a captivating focal point and adding visual interest to the area. This space benefits from an abundance of natural light, thanks to the strategic positioning of windows and the southern exposure.

The home prioritizes the integration of light and views. The architectural design takes full advantage of the southern exposure, allowing ample sunlight to enter the living areas throughout the day. Additionally, the large floor-to-ceiling windows capture and frame the panoramic views, creating a constant connection with the natural surroundings.

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