Stauder Ranch Homestead – Telluride, Colorado

In areas throughout the West, there are special places. This residence is one of those places. Nestled in the rolling grasslands and aspen stands, their future ranch homestead will be designed.

To understand the client’s style and tastes, we went through multitudes of pictures to capture that certain style that they wanted. Through this step, we formed the aesthetics which will be “Tuscan Mountain.”

Once the style had been selected, the program of spaces adjacencies and functions were combined into a rough main floor plan. When we design, there are main points that we use to help create the designs:

  1. What is the client saying in words that translate into graphics?
  2. The site – What is the site saying to the architect regarding:
    1. Lay of the land
    2. View corridors
    3. Solar
    4. Drainage
    5. Wind
    6. The future – how will the residence and lot look twenty years from now?
    7. The construction – can the site provide building materials?

The views from this site are very special including the views of Sneffles, the San Juan Mountains and the Cinnamon Range. The view angles equate to 180˚ of mountain peaks in the distance with the grasslands and aspens giving green, tan, orange and white color to the foreground.

With the surroundings providing inspiration, the client does as well. The discussions and programming have created a main floor plan that has the majority of spaces on this level to create a meandering plan that has different angles for views and solar.

The main floor plan also has differing heights to break the house plan at strategic areas where it can accentuate privacy or to follow existing grades. The main plan will have the Master Core in the private sector of the home facing south and southeast with a modest-sized Master Suite that includes a sitting area in front of a cozy fire. Master Bath with an exposed copper shower cylinder will accentuate this space.

The Gathering Room and Kitchen will be the focus of the home. The Gathering Room will be vaulted with rusticated timbers and accentuated with historic lighting. The massive fire will create a sense of permanence and history for this space. The Kitchen and Gathering Room will be an open concept with these spaces intertwined. The unique space will be the Inglenook which will be our Entry space with low ceilings and a stone fireplace to greet visitors.

Off of the Inglenook will be a TV Room which will be a semi-private space for visual entertainment. Above this TV Room will be our Tower which houses the Den/Office.

The exterior and interior materials will be based on simplicity using stone, timbers and plaster with roman brick accents. The exterior volumes and spaces will be a complex of buildings with a center at the Tower. These spaces will be tied together with low lying decomposed stone walls that enclose our complex. Terraces will be an extension of interior spaces to further tie in the vertical structures into the hillside.

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