Regarding Construction During the Winter Months

Winter background with pile of snow and blur evening landscape. Empty wooden planks on foreground

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the snow and ice. If you are in the middle of a renovation or a property build you may have questions or concerns with regards to your project continuing through the cold months. One of the most prominent concerns is snowfall and how it can potentially affect the construction materials. Centre Sky Architecture is here to address these questions, informing you about our approach and how we ensure the quality of our work and the materials that will constitute your home.

Why Not Wait Till Spring?

We pick up projects already in construction that need to be completed quickly due to weather. When we start a project, the first thing we do it create a design schedule that will lay out when the home’s design is completed and construction will start, and when construction will end. We design large, high end homes that typically take 14-18 months to build. So it is impossible to not build in the winter. BUT, we make sure that strategic parts of the building process are complete by the winter. As well as making sure materials are preserved during the winter months so there is no damage.

What Should I Plan?

If you have started a project and don’t have time to finish, give us a call. We understand the Holidays are often busy and that a lot of companies take the fall and winter off. Our team will jump on the project and create a plan of action to complete construction, carefully resolving all the difficulties presented by the winter season . Our team knows how to work in the colder weather, and we will be able to easily finish any projects that have been started. Regardless of when we are contacted and the timeline that results from that our clients’ projects are never compromised. Let us handle the construction management and execution while you rest assured your home will be ready in accordance with our design plans and that it will exhibit the exceptional level of craftsmanship our clients have come to expect. Centre Sky Architecture has the proper experience to ensure your project is finished within your budget. We want you to have an enjoyable winter and holiday season!

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