Rusted Exposed Steel Beams – Mountain Contemporary Design

Principal Architect Jamie Daugaard explains exposed steel beam strategies and finishes in our current project ‘The 19th’ in Big Sky, Montana. An illustration of the concept for the interior is above and how we begin to help clients visual what we have designed.

These steel beams were rusted out on-site prior to installation and nylon brushed some to get smooth and excess flaked rust off. This application helps us to achieve the mountain modern aesthetic that is making an presence in Big Sky. Read more about this aesthetic below.

We are currently seeing a rise the of now termed ‘Mountain Contemporary’. This is currently being formed with a desire for clean, simple lines and forms, generally low mono-sloping roof lines and increased glazing, or window walls, helping to bring the outside in to the home. It has always been less desired in terms of heat loss to have a lot of glazing in mountain homes considering the harsh environment they are surrounded by, technologies in larger glazed systems and using triple pane glass has helped us to achieve this modern look and feel up in the cold harsh mountains of Montana.

Other than glass itself, we are starting to see and apply within our designs the mixture of exposed steel structure and details within a rustic timber framed home. Jamie explains in the video below how we are able to naturally achieve the rusted look with setting out our steel on-site to allow mother nature to run its course. This allows for a modern element to have a rustic texture and look creating the hybrid of a rustic and contemporary detail.

Watch the video as the architect himself explains the process and result.

Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture